These last couple of weeks have been interesting for sure. I have been working at finding recipes that are friendly to my diet needs.  I’ve been making a collection and trying them on my family.  So far so good.  Which is nice, because I really don’t like to make more than 1 meal at night.  We’re all too busy for that!

The only other update is that my new doctor sent me to a rheumatologist for a couple of reasons.  First, she had some blood work done on me that I hadn’t had before and it came back wonky. Second, she wanted to make sure that she was on the right track with what we are doing to treat my symptoms especially since I have been hurting quite a bit lately.  The appointment with the rheumatologist was awesome.  He felt like the treatment plan with my doctor was right on track.  However, what I learned fits into my research that I had been doing….exercise.  He praised me for working out, but what he told me was I’m doing the wrong exercise.  This leads to my new diagnosis, chronic nerve pain (which is a very real thing).  It explained why my shoulder blades, hips, and feet are killing me.  Unfortunately, the workout that I was choosing to do was making it worse!


As I have been researching these last couple of weeks, I have learned that the opinions for exercise vary just as much as the opinions with what to eat vary.  The opinions range from only light walking to do whatever you feel that you are capable of.  Because I have been an athlete since I was a kid and love to play sports and workout, I choose to push myself.  This is something that I am used to and I felt like this is what I should do.  My body is capable.  But as I explained earlier, my body wasn’t capable.  It was trying to tell me that I can’t do this…not right now anyway.  My chronic nerve pain has been heightened because of pushing myself.  The rheumatologist’s recommendation is that I walk, no more jogging, and to continue lifting light weights or use bands a couple of times a week, no more extreme workouts.  Which I was glad that he was a proponent of weight lifting, because it is so important for women. Strength Training for Women  This is a great post to read about the importance of strength training.

This is the type of workout I’ll need to do until I can gain some control of the pain. He did tell me eventually I can add in some other things that I like to do, but this is how it needs to be for now.  He also told me that this was going to be a process that will take awhile.  So, I have to be patient and smart in my workouts from now on. I’ll end with an empowering tweet from Girls Gone Strong.